Turke & Strauss litigates class action cases, representing individuals and businesses in state and federals court across the country. Using our innovative model to research and investigate claims, we prosecute high-stakes cases against large companies and multi-national institutions. In so doing, we have secured multimillion-dollar settlements and impacted thousands of people.

What is a Class Action?

Every day, thousands of individuals and businesses suffer widespread harms from the same kinds of misconduct. Whether it’s unwanted telemarketing calls, data breaches, or defective products, people who are harmed by the conduct have claims that they can join in a class action. Class actions leverage the power of litigating all class members’ claims in one lawsuit, giving class members a powerful tool to hold wrongdoers accountable and secure financial relief for the class, rather than litigate complex cases alone against large companies and institutions.

Often, courts will appoint one or more class representatives to represent the class. Class representatives play a vital role in protecting the class’ interests during settlement and, if necessary, at trial. Our attorneys work closely with class representatives during each stage of the litigation to ensure that the class is well-represented and receives the best results in each case.

What Types of Class Actions Does Turke & Strauss Handle?

Although the types of class actions we pursue varies, the types we pursue most often include:

  • Data Breaches: A data breach happens when a company or institution loses control over its customers, employees, or patients’ sensitive personal information to cybercriminals. If those companies failed to use reasonable means to protect personal data or warn individuals about a security breach, they may be liable for the harm the data breach causes;
  • Unwanted Telemarketing Calls: Unwanted telemarketing calls often violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), a law protecting consumers from annoying, costly, and time-consuming phone calls. The TCPA imposes statutory damages and attorney fee awards on companies that violate its terms;
  • Defective Products: Dangerous and defective products endanger thousands of consumers every year. When a manufacturer knowingly produces a defective product, its customers may pursue products liability claims against the maker for damages;
  • Invasion of Privacy: Individuals have a right to privacy, including over the use of their names and likenesses online. When a company uses a consumer’s name or image without permission, that consumer may have claims against the company for invasion of privacy or misappropriation of identity;
  • Fraudulent Business Practices: False advertising, fraudulent charges, and deceptive trade practices cost consumers billions of dollars every year. State and federal laws often prohibit such conduct, giving consumers means to recover their financial losses and prevent future misconduct.